WTF: You’re in prison, the guards in collusion with outside police agencies plant shanks, drugs, tattooing and any other materials they decide to, within your cell. Then shortly thereafter they come along and tell you they’re doing a search. They then find the materials they planted a short while ago and institutionally charge you. They set the date for a hearing, such hearing to be held in Drumheller prisons serious court.

WTF: When you ask for disclosure to see the evidence regarding their charges, they tell you that you can only see that evidence on the morning of the hearing.

WTF: You’re in your cell working on legal matters, for your upcoming appeals. You have legal documents and copious notes written on the notepads you buy from the prison canteen. The guards show up and tell you to leave as they are going to search your cell. After the search you return to your cell and find the legal notes and papers missing. You ask the guards where are they, and they reply they were destroyed as they were a fire hazard, the irony being you have 15 books from the library also in your cell and they aren’t touched.

WTF: You then learn the notes and legal materials to be used in your appeal, were passed onto outside police agencies and the crowns office, by the prison.

WTF: On other times the guards enter your cell whilst you’re at an appointment at another prison department, they collect up your notes and legal papers regarding the institutional charges they laid against you. They then rip them up into confetti and throw it all over your cell. Then wait for you to come back, find what they’ve done, all in the hope you kick-off and they can do more damage to you.

Much more to follow: