1. Drumheller RCMP Detatchment has a liaison team that is assigned to deal with any matters within Drumheller Prison. In the April of 2014 one of the members of that team was RCMP Cpl Black who was also the primary investigator.

2. Cpl Black and his partner attended at the prison on no less than three (3) separate occasions between the April and September of 2014. Their sole reason for attending was to meet with myself, take witness statements and take evidence from myself, as I was the complainant. The criminal complaints consisted of allegations against Drumheller prison guards and prison staff.

3. Each time they attended, I was interviewed in the offices of the Security & Intelligence Section of Drumheller prison. The interviews were tape recorded and evidence in the form of documents, reports and other materials supplied by myself were taken away by Cpl Black and his partner. Cpl Black assured me that I would receive full and complete copies of those tape recordings, and updates as their investigation progressed.

4. After the September of 2014, despite many requests at finding out the status and the disposition of my criminal complaints, I never heard from them again.

5. After my release from Drumheller prison I contacted the Drumheller RCMP Detatchment who informed me that Cpl Black no longer worked there, that they could find no file, no file number, no tape recordings, no evidence at all regarding my complaints. Including no evidence of any visits to the prison by Cpl Black and his partner.

UPDATE: Drumheller RCMP officers are now getting their female admin staff to lie and cover up wrongdoings, and criminal and corrupt acts. The said female admin clerk stated that when an RCMP officer does a criminal investigation and he deems it to be unsubstantiated, they do not generate a file number, they do not keep any of the materials generated by that investigation, tape recordings, signed statements, evidence collected etc, they just destroy them. This was relayed to me after she spoke with Cst Barry Allison of Drumheller RCMP.

That same day, Strathmore RCMP informed me that when an RCMP officer begins a criminal investigation a file number is automatically generated by the officers investigating. When the investigation is over, even if found to be unsubstantiated, the file and any evidence collected is kept for 2-4 years for a collision, 5-7 years for a criminal investigation, sometimes over 10 years. It would seem that Drumheller RCMP officers are a law unto themselves.

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca