There’s more than enough “sufficient evidence published” to prosecute Drumheller prison guards and staff. Prosecutions would have already happened, were these individuals not being protected by Calgary cops, the RCMP, Corrections Canada, their cohorts and other individuals.

: JAN 2023 : Ivan Zinger the Correctional Investigator for Canada, is knowingly ignoring what’s been published, and the many requests for investigations to be carried out.

Everything published on this website and sister websites, is the truth. Which can be corroborated by many documents and materials and personal experience. Many of the individuals named should have already faced serious charges and serious prison time.

VIEW MY WEBSITES: Then ask yourself this ” How did these prison guards and staff, get this crooked & corrupt & still remain unchecked without help from others.”

My name is John Kelly, and this website exposes the many corrupt crooked and criminal acts committed by Drumheller Federal Prison guards and staff. Not only against me, but also against many others. All whilst I was incarcerated there as an inmate between December 2013 and the May of 2016. Drumheller Federal Prison is in Alberta.

I am now 66 years old. I served honourably in both the British and Canadian Armed Forces. I’ve been a Para-Legal for the last 30 years and have lived in Calgary since 1987. This isn’t the only website I author. I can assure you the contents of my websites are the truth. (see website links at bottom of this page).

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca