1. My name is John Kelly and after being wrongfully convicted by collusion and conspiracy involving the Calgary Corrupt Police Service, the RCMP and others, I was wrongfully sentenced on the 29th Day of November 2013, to 30 months in prison.

(a) I was wrongfully convicted on one count of criminal harassment of a police officer for which I received 2 years, and 2 counts of obstructing a peace officer in a cold case homicide for which I received 6 months on each count to run concurrent. This amounted to a 30 month prison sentence.

That same afternoon, I was taken to the Calgary Remand Center and although being 57 years old and a first time offender the guards and staff placed me on the gang unit. Prior to my entering that gang unit the guards at the Calgary Remand Center maliciously and falsely informed the inmates that I was a child molester and a pedophile.

The guards and staff did so, knowing full well the serious repercussions that they hoped would be coming my way, by the other inmates, (beatings and stabbings, even the loss of my life).

NOTE: Three appeal court justices decided that the criminal harassment charge was because I had appealed a decision to the Law Enforcement Review Board and that I had done so to harass the senior police officer who by the way, was also involved in the 2 obstruction charges. (more to follow)

2. On the 10th Day of December 2013, I was transferred from the Calgary Remand Center to the Federal prison at Drumheller, Alberta. The guards and staff there, also placed me on Unit 9 which is Drumheller prisons gang unit.

3. Within 24 hours I was informed by a senior member of the prison staff that the entire prison was aware of who I was. And that the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP had reached out to prison staff from the top down, and that there was a target on my back. And that my stay there would not be an easy or pleasant one.

Everything he said proved to be 100% correct. see page titled Attempted Murder..



4. Leanne Harrison Jarrett was my intake parole officer at Drumheller prison. On our first meeting she happily and gleefully informed me that she didn’t like me one bit.That I was never going to get day parole or full parole, and that her reports on me, by her and others, and their friends from the police force, would ensure that happens.

(a). Although the recommendation was that I was a candidate for minimum security Leanne also stated that I would never get out of medium security, and she would do her best to ensure I get sent to Edmontons Maximum Security Prison.

(b). Not once did Leanne comply with any of the rules and regulations she was mandated by law to adhere to. Her reports followed me through my entire time in Drumheller. She more than lived up to her promises made at our first meeting.

(c) Some of the reports that Leanne participated in manufacturing are titled. Correctional Plan — Dynamic Factors — Assessment for Decision — Referral Decision Sheet for Offender Security Level. Many of these documents and others were never viewed by me until many many months later. Even though I was supposed to have them shown to me at the end of and during my intake period. More to follow on these.

(d) The inmates “Correctional Plan” contains what the intake parole officer and case management team agree to be the factors that the inmate needs to address, the institutional programs the inmate needs to complete, and anything else they deem necessary in order for the inmate to be either, moved to minimum security, gain release on day or full parole, be allowed to get a job. Leanne had already promised that I was never getting any of those, and the report(s) reflected their intent to make that happen.

(e) Other members of my case management team at that time (besides Leanne) were Tony Seiller, Denise Atkins and Jana Glimsdale. Although I was in Drumheller Prison, Atkins and Glimsdale worked in Bowden Prison and the only contact I had with them prior to my “Correctional Plan” and the other documents being locked in, was a 30 minute phone call.

(f) My “Correctional Plan” was completed on the 17th February 2014, and the intake program ended the next day. I was stopped from viewing many of my intake documents until many months later.

(g) The case management team had placed in my “Correctional Plan” that one of the programs I would have to take, prior to any parole hearing being successful, was the “Christopher Leadership Program”. I was told in the February of 2014 that my name was on the list to do that program. Subsequent parole officers including members of my case management team, assured me (when asked) that they had checked, and that my name was on the list for that program.

(h) I found out on the 18th Day of September 2014 that there was no such program as the “Christopher Leadership Program”. That no such program had ever existed in Drumheller, or any other prison for that matter. This was another one of their many schemes they designed and implemented to stop me from having a parole hearing, and being released on parole. More to follow…


(5) At the end of February 2014, I received a new parole officer Jason Barry and on our first meeting he told me that he wasn’t going to be my parole officer for very long as he was going to go back to being a prison guard. Jason informed me that guards and staff at the prison can switch jobs anytime. That if someone wants to become a parole officer they just say so.

(a) He informed me that just as any guard can switch from guard to parole officer, an office input typist can switch to a parole officer, so can a security intelligence officer, a receptionist can be a parole officer or secretary in administration, or someone from the cookhouse or the health clinic. I asked him what formal training legal or otherwise they had to take to do that position, he just smiled and said none.

(b) This was astounding to hear, and despite what I’d already been subjected to in Drumheller prison, I was gobsmacked by this. Jason told me that he did not condone what was happening to me, that he would try to assist me in anyway he could, but he would prefer it if I waited for another parole officer to be assigned to me.

(c) Jason Barry was instrumental in the R.C.M.P. sending in 2 officers from the local detachment. These individuals one of whom was Cpl Black were the R.C.M.P. Liaison team for Drumheller Prison. They attended to take complaints of criminal and corrupt acts that had and were occurring in the prison. I was the complainant.

(d) The R.C.M.P. Officers attended a total of 3 times between April and September of 2014. Each time they interviewed me it was with a tape recorder present and was at the offices of Security Intelligence in B3. The officers also took documents and materials provided by me, with them when they left the prison.

(e) At the end of their 3rd visit I was told they would get back to me a bit later this time as one of the officers wives was having a baby. The officers never attended the prison again. I attempted many times to get answers why they weren’t coming back, but every time I had to go through my parole officer, security intelligence office and the Wardens office.

(f) After my release I contacted Drumheller R.C.M.P. Detachment and was told the officers were no longer a part of that Detachment and there was nothing on file on them having visited the prison, or a file number attributed to the dates, or any tape recordings or documents.

(g) What they did tell me was the only thing they had on file regarding me, was a complaint from several guards at the prison to have me charged with outside charges. More to follow on this..


(6) After Jason Barry went back to being a guard I was introduced to Martine Molzahn who stated she was assigned to be my parole officer. After what Jason Barry had told me I had some serious questions I needed answers to.

(a) I asked Martine what job at the prison she had before being assigned as my parole officer. She stated she was an input typist in the work program department. I asked her if she had any formal training to be a parole officer, she said no. I asked her if she had any formal legal training at all, she said no. I asked her how many other inmates files would be assigned to her besides me, she said anywhere between 45 and 50 at anytime.

(b) Her Husband John Molzahn was also a guard on my unit and one of those who was as corrupt as they come, and one of the leaders of the other corrupt guards. John Molzahn also went from being a guard to being a parole officer and back to being a guard.

More to follow: