Govt Crimes

1. The offices of Ralph Goodale the former Federal Minister for Public Safety, and Anne Kelly the Comissioner of Canada Service Corrections and Todd Shean who is the Commissioner of Alberta RCMP are now fully embroiled in their cover ups. These cover ups are fueled by fears that an investigation into Drumheller prison and Alberta RCMP will result in class action lawsuits and multiple criminal charges having to be laid against their own. more to follow.

Canada Services Commissioner, Joan Dunajski Regional Administrator, and many others, have in their possession, irrefutable proof of many corrupt and criminal acts having been committed by Drumheller prison guards, prison staff, associated correctional officials and others.

2. Yet instead of acting and following the law, their first instinct is to go into full blown cover up mode. And make no mistake, Correctional Services of Canada are now in a full blown cover up mode. Their main goal now is to ensure that there’s no investigation, into what they know has, and what probably still is, happening within the walls of Drumheller prison.

3. When anyone provides evidence to Correctional Services Canada, of corrupt and criminal acts having and being committed, either by one of their own prison guards, prison staff, or by anyone within their sphere of organizations, they nearly always follow the same Criminal Pattern of Procedure, when they begin to cover up those acts.

4. Minister Ralph Goodale and Commissioner Don Head were recently quite happy to be quoted in the media after top officials and numerous guards from within Edmonton prisons had been fired or reassigned.

Commissioner Don Head:

The result of the disciplinary process shows that we are committed to holding employees accountable for their actions,” said Head in a Tuesday news release. “We do not tolerate employee misconduct and all allegations are thoroughly investigated regardless of the source.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale also stated.

“ But it is important to note that Commissioner Head acted in a very strong and proactive way to make the point that the type of behaviour that’s being complained of is simply unacceptable, ”.

5. Don Head is now going against the very public statements he made. One of those reasons would be that the investigations that would have to be ordered into Drumheller prison would have consequences and penalties far more severe than a simple firing or simple reassignment for some of them.

6. As I have stated, there are many individuals who work within the correctional services and also law enforcement who are good guys, and who have assisted me greatly by being responsible for providing crucial information and evidence that would not normally have become available to me.

7. The reason many don’t come forward is because they fear retribution, fear being ostracized, fear losing their job or worse. As one official in Drumheller stated to me in the presence of other(s).

“I’ll help as much as I can, just don’t expect me to throw a colleague under the bus”

8. That’s sounds like a good Mantra. ” I’ll help you as much as I can, just don’t expect me to throw a colleague under the bus “. But I wonder how many Inmates have suffered, been hurt, seriously injured or died as a result of that Mantra.

9. I expect Ralph Goodale, Don Head or Joan Dunajski to throw anyone under any bus, who has committed corrupt and criminal acts. I also expect them to do their job, and do what they have said they would do in their media interviews.

10. If they decide to look the other way, then they are as guilty as the rest, and subject to the same punishment.

The sections below are from the Criminal Code of Canada. These and other sections of the Criminal Code of Canada are the sections that these corrupt individuals should be charged under, for what they did to me whilst I was incarcerated in Drumheller prison.

3. The sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that they commit offences under, when they follow their Criminal Pattern of Procedure are almost exactly the same.


The Criminal Code offences detailed below are serious offences. This list does not include the violations that have been committed that fall under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations, the Police Act, or other Acts and other Regulations the named individuals are required to adhere to, by Law.

Section 21: Parties to an offence.
Section 22: Person counselling offence.
Section 128: Misconduct by officers.
Section 239: Attempt to commit murder
Section 131: Misleading justice.
Section 137: Fabricating evidence.
Section 139: Obstructing justice.
Section 464: Counselling offence not committed.
Section 465: Conspiracy.

Section 465 (1) (b) (c) and (d) clearly spells out that every one who conspires with any one to prosecute a person for an alleged offence, knowing that he did not commit that offence, is guilty of an indictable offence.

Much more to follow: