ASTOUNDING: that Tracey Farmer has recently been appointed (August 2019) as the new Warden at Drumheller prison. Farmer was the Assistant Warden at the prison whilst I was there (2013-2016). In all of the time I spent incarcerated at Drumheller Prison I never got to meet a more crooked, corrupt, conniving, lying, scheming, low life individual than Assistant Warden Tracey Farmer. I’m including every Inmate, prison guard, prison staff and many others in this statement.

ASTONISHING: That a man with those character traits (listed above) can leave Drumheller prison as an Assistant Warden in the November of 2016, and then be returned as Warden in the August of 2019, shows just how deep and how far the corruption goes within Canada Service Corrections. (more coming)

Whilst Assistant Warden at Drumheller prison, Tracey Farmer was complicit in at least the following corrupt and criminal acts listed below.

1. Fabrication of Inmates reports:
2. Fabrication of Inmates(s) correctional plans:
3. Fabrication of Inmate(s) psychological files:
4. Filing of false charges against Inmates(s):
5. Manipulation of the Institutional court process:
6. Manipulation of investigations re; complaints against guards and others:
7. Manipulation of Inmate(s) day and full parole hearings:
8. Manipulation of Inmate(s) security rating/classification:
9. Violation of inmate(s) Charter rights:
10. Violation of Inmate(s) Human rights:
Much more to follow…..

IMPORTANT NOTE: Within 24 hours of my arrival at Drumheller prison in the December of 2013, I was informed by a senior member of the prison staff that I was classed as a high profile prisoner, that the entire prison, guards and staff alike, were aware of who I was and that they’d been expecting me.

I was told that Chief Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police Service as well as the RCMP had reached out to the Wardens office (Asst Warden Tracey Farmer) and from there, on to the prison guards and staff.

I was also told there was a huge target on my back, that my stay would not be an easy or pleasant one, everything he told me, proved to be 100% correct.

Much more to follow soon: