Obstruction of Justice is any conduct where the intention is to interfere with the fair administration of justice. This can be done by corruptly influencing, or by obstructing or by impeding any proceeding. It’s committed when you influence anyone by a lie, a misleading statement, when you withhold/destroy information. Obstruction of Justice is a serious offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

JUNE 30th, 2018: It is the 30th Day of June 2018, and the offices of Ralph Goodale the Federal Minister for Public Safety, and Todd Shean Commissioner of Alberta RCMP are now fully embroiled in their cover ups. These cover ups are fueled by fears that an investigation into Drumheller prison and Alberta RCMP will result in class action lawsuits and multiple criminal charges having to be laid against their own. more to follow.

APRIL 15th, 2018: Todd Shean is the head of the RCMP in Alberta. Shean has evidence in his possession that past and present senior officers under his command have engaged in corrupt and criminal acts. Such acts that had they not been police officers they would have already been arrested and charged. The fact that they haven’t shows that the corruption leads right into the top echelons of the RCMP. more to follow..

MARCH 23rd, 2018: A lawsuit for over Ten point Four Million Dollars (10.4) will be filed in the near future at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary Alberta. The named Defendants will include but not be limited to, Canada Service Corrections and other agencies under the umbrella of the Federal Govt, the Govt of Alberta and agencies under their umbrella, the RCMP in Alberta, the Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Police Commission, the City of Calgary, as well as other named entities and individuals. More to follow.

MARCH 15th, 2018: The office of Alberta’s top Mountie Todd Shean have been contacted regarding the matters published, and the matters yet to be published, on this website and also www.rottenapples.info, regarding the many criminal and corrupt acts committed by officers within his organization. More to follow.

MARCH 15th, 2018: Anne Kelly, the acting commissioner for Canada Services Corrections (after the recent resignation of Don Head) is looking into these matters. She has been asked to comment on the statements made by the acting warden of Drumheller prison, and the obvious cover up of wrongdoings, and the criminal and corrupt acts committed by prison staff, prison guards and others within her organization. More to follow.

MARCH 15th, 2018: The office of Ralph Goodale, the Federal Minister for public safety, confirmed that they have opened a file and that someone will be getting back to me. More to follow.

MARCH 15th, 2018: The office of Andrew Scheer who is the leader of the Federal conservatives, confirmed that they are also looking into these matters, and that they have forwarded the file to the critic for public safety.

MARCH 13th, 2018: Drumheller RCMP officers are now getting their female administrative staff to lie and cover up wrongdoings, and criminal and corrupt acts. I’ve just been informed by a female administrative clerk that when an RCMP officer does a criminal investigation and he deems it to be unsubstantiated, they do not generate a file number, they do not keep any of the materials generated by that investigation, tape recordings, signed statements, evidence collected etc, they just destroy them. This was relayed to me after she spoke with Cst Barry Allison of Drumheller RCMP.

Strathmore RCMP informed me, that when an RCMP officer begins a criminal investigation, a file number is automatically generated by the investigating officer. Then after the investigation is over, even if found to be unsubstantiated, the file and any evidence collected is kept for 2-4 years for a collision, 5-7 years for a criminal investigation, sometimes over 10 years. It would seem that Drumheller RCMP officers are a law unto themselves (view page titled – Drum RCMP). Much more to follow

MARCH 12th, 2018: The acting Warden of Drumheller prison Pattie Krafchuk has stated that she will not be commenting or responding to what has been published on www.drumhellerprison.ca and www.rottenapples.info. Krafchuk stated that she is standing by the joint response given by Commissioner Don Head at National H.Q. and by Joan Dunajski Regional H.Q. Saskatoon.

Canada Service Corrections Commissioner Don Head publicly stated via the main stream media that they are committed to holding employees accountable for their actions, that they do not tolerate employee misconduct and all allegations are thoroughly investigated regardless of the source. The contents of the National and Regional headquarters recent joint statement would also appear to show, that they’re also accomplished liars. More to follow.

(see page titled – corrections cover up) More to follow.

MARCH 10th, 2018: Gunther Eichman the father of Anatoly Eichman who recently died in the custody of Drumheller prison, has been receiving phone calls from individuals who are claiming to be retired Calgary Police Officers. The phone calls are being made with one purpose in mind, and that purpose is to dissuade Eichman from believing what is being published on this website and what is being published on www.rottenapples.info These individual have also requested that Eichman not release the names of who they are. More to follow.

MARCH 7th, 2018: Dennis Harder the station manager for 99.5 Drum FM and DrumhellerOnline.com has stated that his Head Office at GoldenWest Radio is investigating the dishonest conduct (as published on this website) of Bob Brown, Harder’s news manager. More to follow.

MARCH 7th, 2018: I’ve been contacted by Gunther Eichman the father of inmate Anatoly Eichman the inmate who recently died in custody at Drumheller prison. Gunther is looking into pursuing a class action lawsuit over his son’s death. More to follow.

MARCH 5th, 2018: I have requested the Warden of Drumheller prison formally respond to the contents of this website and also www.rottenapples.info and they’ve stated they will get back to me. More to follow.

MARCH 5th, 2018: The contents of this and my other websites are now at the offices of the Federal Liberal Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale, the Federal Liberal Minister for Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi, and the Federal Conservative(s) critic for Public Safety and Justice. More to follow.

FEBRUARY 20th, 2018: Brandon Mirva aged 25 died whilst in the custody of Drumheller prison. Mirva died whilst the prison was under an exceptional lockdown after the death of Anotoly Eichman on the 17th. An investigation into Mirva’s death is ongoing. More to follow.

FEBRUARY 18th, 2018: Gunther Eichman is the father of deceased inmate Anatoly Eichman. Günther said his son had talked about issues at the prison, but never opened up about exactly what problems he faced because he was worried the guards — who listen in on inmate phone calls — would overhear. “It was a really bad place. He would say ‘I can’t tell you what’s going on here,’ but he did tell us it wasn’t a safe place, there was lots of stuff going on that he couldn’t talk about, that he wanted to talk about at sometime when they weren’t listening,” he said.

FEBRUARY 17th, 2018: Anatoly Eichman aged 29 died whilst in the custody of Drumheller prison. An investigation into his death is ongoing. More to follow.

JANUARY 30th, 2018: Bob Brown who is the News manager for Drum 99.5 FM and Drumhelleronline.com admits to lying and covering up what he knows about what goes on inside Drumheller prison.

NOTE: There are none more culpable for allowing corrupt and criminal acts to go unpunished than the media. I’m talking about the crime and city reporters that gained knowledge and evidence of corruption and criminal acts and then decided to look the other way. Then you come to the editors and publishers, who block what they know from ever going to print. Thus allowing the guilty to remain free to carry on with their corrupt and criminal acts with impunity.