1. On the 12th Day of March 2018, the acting Warden of Drumheller prison Pattie Krafchuk stated that she will not be commenting or responding to what has been published on and – Krafchuk stated that she is standing by the joint response given by Commissioner Don Head at National H.Q. and by Joan Dunajski Regional H.Q. Saskatoon.


Further to our telephone conversations on January 10th and 26th, 2018. I reviewed the materials you forwarded to me in several e-mails and also reviewed electronic information contained on your file while you were under the jurisdiction of Correctional Service Canada. During our conversations you made broad allegations of mistreatment and abuse of authority by CSC officials. After reviewing your file information, I can find no basis for your allegations. I will now consider this matter closed. Receipt of any future correspondence will simply to “placed to file” with no further response. Should you have matters that are criminal in nature, you are again advised to contact the proper authorities. Joan Dunajski Dunajski is the regional administrator, communications and executive services, for the prairies.

2. There was no file number included in this joint response. Joan Dunajski is not an investigator for Canada Service Corrections, and neither did she consult with one. The allegations given to her and Commissioner Don Head were very specific and they were given evidence to back them up.

3. To be clear, I was not contacted by any investigator even after many times requesting one be assigned. This is exactly what it shows itself to be, a whitewash letter. If this is the only defence that Canada Services Corrections can muster to what has already been published, and to what they have in their possession, and to what is to come, then they’re in serious trouble. And not only from independent civil and class action lawsuits.

Much more to follow: