Senator Pate

This is a statement made by Senator Kim Pate who is the leading advocate for prisoners rights in Canada. It was published by the Calgary Herald on the 5th Day of May 2019.

Over four decades, I have spent countless hours kneeling on cement floors outside segregation cells, pleading through meal slots in solid metal doors as someone’s loved one — someone’s child, sibling, parent or partner — smashed their heads against cement walls or floors, slashed their bodies, tied ligatures or put nooses around their necks, tried to gouge out their own eyes, mutilated themselves in sometimes unimaginable ways, or smeared blood and feces on their bodies, windows and walls,” Pate said in a speech in the Senate on Thursday. “I have heard indescribable sounds of torment and despair that reverberate and haunt me. ”

1. This is a very apt statement by Senator Pate. Especially given that the facts published on this site, which detail quite clearly how guards and prison staff at Drumheller Federal Prison, were and still are, violating inmates charter rights, abusing inmates and much more, whilst they themselves commit multiple acts punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations.

2. How, they are now fully embroiled in more criminal cover ups, which are fueled by their fears that any investigation into the matters published on my websites will result in class action lawsuits and multiple criminal charges being laid against their own.

3. Numerous formal requests have been made directly to Canadian Senator Kim Pate, for her to intercede in these matters. Senator Pate is also fully aware that Ralph Goodale the Federal Minister for Public Safety, has for the last 10 months continued to assure me (via his office) that the very very serious concerns posted on this and other website(s) were going to be investigated & acted upon. Senator Pate is also fully aware that Ralph Goodale has been talking the talk, but not walking the walk since July 2018.

Much more coming soon.

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