Parole Board

1. My first visit before the Parole Board of Canada was on the 5th Day of November 2014. Guy Fawkes Day and quite apt for what was to follow. By November the 5th I had been in Drumheller Prison close to 11 months, and in that time I’d acquired a lot of information, documents and knowledge.

2. I attended at my Parole Hearing armed to the teeth with facts, information, my prepared documents, and their documents they had locked in. They all clearly outlined what I had been subjected to and the abuse and criminal acts that were pandemic within Drumheller.

3. The Parole Board hearing was held before members of the Parole Board of Canada and was also audio and video taped. To say that by the end of my hearing the members of the Parole Board were scrambling and stuttering would be an understatement.

4. I made sure that all of what I wanted to present was presented, I made sure that they took possession of what I brought to the hearing that backed up my statements. I requested that they took immediate action and instigate immediate investigations to what they now knew.

5. I also requested verbally at that time and later in a letter to the Parole Board of Canada for a full complete Audio and Video recording (CD Disc) of my hearing, which is my right and which by law they had to produce.

6. One month later, on the 3rd Day of December 2014, I received a letter from the Parole Board of Canada stating the following…

Dear Mr. Kelly: This is in response to your request for a copy of the original digital recording of the Parole Board of Canada hearing dated November 5th, 2014. Following a search in response to your request, the Parole Board of Canada is unable to provide you with a copy of the tape as a malfunction occurred with the transferring of the recording device to file“.

7. Out of all of the Canada Parole Board hearings that took place that week. The recording of my hearing was the only one to malfunction and be destroyed.

8. All of the documents and materials that the Parole Board of Canada members received from me that day, also disappeared. That’s if they ever left the inside of Drumheller prison at all.

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