NOVEMBER 2018: My website(s) are dedicated to publishing how crooked and corrupt Drumheller prison guards and staff, all the way up to the Wardens office committed wanton abuses of inmates, committed serious breaches of trust and committed many, many criminal and corrupt acts on a daily basis, and still do.

Ralph Goodale, Federal Minister for Public Safety, Anne Kelly, Commissioner for Canada Service Corrections, Todd Shean, the past Commissioner of the RCMP in Alberta. These three along with many others are fully aware of the contents of my websites. They are also fully aware that the contents are true. Yet despite this they still refuse to act, they still insist on continuing with their evasive, duck and weave tactics.

1. These tactics are what can only be described as, criminal cover ups, which are fueled by their fears that any investigation into the matters published on my websites will result in class action lawsuits and multiple criminal charges being laid against their own.


2. I would personally like to express my thanks to Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin (and others to be named later) for their valiant efforts in having assisted me, by them being responsible for providing crucial information and evidence that would not normally have become available to me.

The information and evidence provided to me from Chaffin and others, further proves that senior current and past members of the Calgary Police Service and Drumheller prison engaged in multiple corrupt and criminal acts. They also conspired with others in furtherance of those acts. (More on Chief Chaffin in the future).

3. My name is John Kelly. I’m a past Inmate 719932E of Drumheller prison in Alberta, Canada. I was incarcerated there (November 2013 – May 2016) after being wrongly convicted as a result of the criminal actions of past and present senior officers from the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and others.

4. Once in Drumheller prison they successfully conspired with guards and staff to keep me there. They did so by interfering with my rights to parole, violations of my charter rights, attempts to have me seriously harmed or killed, and other means.

5. To that end, what will be posted on this website will be short sharp summaries of what I was personally subjected to, what I was a witness to, the people I had interactions with and what I uncovered from my time in Drumheller Prison, the Calgary Remand Centre, my time on Statutory Release, and my interactions with Law enforcement and correction officials.

6. Some of these individuals that are named, also participated in the commission of more criminal acts to cover what they had already done. Such acts punishable under the CSC and Police Acts, their own Rules and Regulations and the Criminal Code of Canada.

7. The information that will be contained on this site is accurate and has been taken from official documents, CSC investigation files, police investigation files, audio and videotapes, F.O.I.P. requests, past and present police and correctional officers,  press releases, media investigation files, correspondences, court transcripts, examination transcripts, meetings and much more.

8. The proof is also found in their own materials, documents, e-mails, reports, actions, their own correspondences, and all of the other electronic and other materials obtained via freedom of information requests, and taken from the prison itself.

9. To be clear, I was convicted of one count of criminal harassment of a police officer for which I received a 2 year sentence. I was further convicted of 2 counts of obstructing a peace officer in a cold case homicide for which I received 6 months on each count to run concurrent. Amounting to a 30 month prison sentence.

10. My prison term began on Friday the 29th Day of November 2013 when I was given a sentence of two (2) years and six (6) months. After sentencing I was transported to the Calgary Remand Center. I then arrived at Drumheller prison on the 10th Day of December 2013, and served two (2) years in Drumheller prison between the 10th of December 2013 and the 29th of May 2016.


11. Within 24 hours of arriving at Drumheller prison, I was informed by a senior member of the prison staff that I was classed as a high profile prisoner, that the entire prison was aware of who I was, and that they’d been expecting me.

12. I was also told that Chief Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP had reached out to prison staff from the Warden down, that there was a target on my back, and that my stay there would not be an easy or pleasant one. Everything he said proved to be 100% correct.

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca


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