Who they are

1. THEY are the prison guards, administration staff, Wardens office, support staff and others, and THEY 2. Lay false charges and file false reports. Ensuring that Inmates get to go to Outside court, Serious Institutional court, Minor court, Segregation or the hole.

3. Ensure Inmates lose their job or not get one at all.

4. Ensure Inmates have their security rating adjusted.

5. Ensure Inmates lose their chance to go to minimum security.

6. Ensure an Inmate gets transferred to maximum security prison.

7. Ignore Inmates in Distress.

8. File reports of incidents that never happened.

9. Fabricate reports to suit their agenda and cover up their negligence.

10. Manipulate the Inmates Correctional Plan and other important reports and documents with false information and false data.

11. Routinely succeed in stopping Inmates receiving Day or Full parole.

12. Attempt to stop Inmates getting released on their Statutory Release dates.

13. Manipulate and fabricate incidents so that Inmates are given excessive conditions when they are released on Parole or Statutory Release.

14. Use threats to Inmates to get them to intimidate and threaten other Inmates. Which sometimes leads to assaults, physical harm being imparted, and complaints against the guards and other staff being withdrawn or not followed up.

15. Spread lies within the Institution about Inmates. They do this in order to have the said Inmate targeted and either seriously hurt or killed.

16. Keep Inmates intentionally locked up during the day to knowingly prevent them from accessing essential prison departments.

17. Knowingly stop Inmates accessing the phone to call their lawyer, their family, even set phone calls that have been arranged before hand.

18. Excessive cell searches and take Inmates personnel legal documents, notes and other materials and destroy them.

19. In these excessive cell searches they trash the Inmates living space, smash their televisions, take their belongings.

20. Ensure Inmates miss prison transport to court dates, medical appointments, or they just don’t bother booking them one at all.

21. Ensure Inmates miss visits, by not telling them, by refusing entry to their visitor, by ensuring the inmate only gets there for the last 5 minutes, even though these visitors have travelled hundreds of miles to be there, and much more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and those individuals named below are supported in their criminal acts by individuals from outside Drumheller Prison. They consist of personnel employed by Canada Service Corrections, the Calgary Police Service, the R.C.M.P., Community Parole Office and others.


Warden Darcy Emann, Assistant Warden Tracy Farmer, Assistant Warden Mike Smith, A.M.I. Tony Seiller, Leanne Harrison-Jarrett, Martine Molzahn, Jennifer Hart-MacDonald, Denise Atkins, Jana Glimsdale, Daniel Bdzel and others to be added.


Tom Campbell, Rod Morgan and others to be added.


Graham Ellesworth, John Molzahn, Jeremy Butterworth, Brian Wunder, N. Briggs, John Gibson, Gauvin, Moulhan, Menard, and others to be added.

CALGARY POLICE SERVICE: The following names relate only to events after I entered Drumheller Prison. The names of those from the Calgary Police Service, the R.C.M.P. the Calgary Police Commission, and others who were instrumental in wrongfully imprisoning me, will be addressed on a sister website.

Ex Chief Rick Hanson, Chiefs counsel Bob Fenton, Detective Richard Veldhoen, Darren Balsom, and others to be added.


Cpl Black and others to be added.


Mike Wiedmann, Lindsay Deloray, Mike Day, and others to be added.

PAROLE BOARD OF CANADA: Names to be added shortly.

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca

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