Police & Prison Collusion

1. Whilst serving my sentence, both the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP were in contact and also acting in collusion with Drumheller prison staff the entire time I was there. Together they conspired to successfully stop my parole, they violated my charter rights, on multiple occassions they had serious institutional charges laid against, and they attempted to have me seriously injured or killed (see page titled attempted murder).

2. On the false Institutional charges, they had a plan in place that they believed, would not only ensure I was found guilty of the false serious institutional charges, but that the sentence they wanted to give me, would be the sentence I received.


3. Serious court is where serious institutional charges against an inmate are dealt with. This consists of a trial held within the jail, and is overseen by an adjudicator who comes in from outside the prison. The adjudicator oversees the trial and determines the sentence to the Inmate, just like a Judge at Court of Queen’s Bench or Provincial Criminal Court.

4. On the 2nd Day of February 2015 an e-mail exchange occurred, sent from Tom Campbell the Head of the Security and Intelligence Unit at Drumheller prison to Richard Veldhoen a Senior Calgary Police Detective.

5. The subject of that e-mail was about a serious institutional charge they had laid against me, and what was to happen to me, when I attended my trial in the prison.

This is classed as a serious institutional charge, so he will get the opportunity to meet Al Koneig

6. The person named in the e-mail above (Al Koenig) was also the adjudicator for serious court for the Federal Institution of Drumheller and was to be the Judge at my trial(s) and the Judge to find guilt or innocence and pass sentence .

7. Koenig was also a past 27 year member of the Calgary Police Service and the past President of the Calgary Police Association. False charges laid and he (Koenig) gets to find me guilty and deliver the sentence(s) they want.

8. Further e-mails and materials in my possession clearly show that Bob Fenton the lawyer for the Chief of Calgary Police Rick Hanson and the current lawyer for Chief Roger Chaffin, along with other Calgary Police Service personnel, conspired to not only place me in prison but conspired to keep me there.


9. E-mails, documents and other materials have been made available to me via freedom of information requests. I received many of them after my sentence was over. They show further collusion between senior personnel from the Calgary Police Service and senior personnel at Drumheller prison.

10. They discuss my chance at parole, me being placed in segregation, the materials planted in my cell, more serious institutional charges that were laid against me by corrections officers in collusion with the Calgary Police Service and others, and also reveal who was part of the ongoing conspiracy against me.

11. They were violating my charter rights, whilst they themselves committed multiple acts punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations.

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca