Inmate Deaths

Inmate Martin Pinkus died whilst under the care of Drumheller prison. The inquiry into Martins Death was held in the first week of May 2018. The report was set to be released on the 15th Day of August 2018, they are now stating maybe December 2018.

Many unanswered questions remain into the events that ultimately led to Martins demise, and a lot of those questions went unanswered at the inquiry. There’s many inconsistencies in the evidence provided and the testimony given by Drumheller prison guards and staff, such inconsistencies that was presented at the inquiry as the truth.

After the report’s released those inconsistencies will be published on this site.

Other Inmates who’ve recently died whilst in the custody of Drumheller Prison are;

INMATE: Earl Davenport
INMATE: Cody Osterland
INMATE: Anatoly Eichmann
INMATE: Brandon Mirva

And many others who’ve overdosed whilst in the custody of Drumheller prison.

Much more to follow: