1. There are none more culpable as DrumhellerOnline.com and 99.5 Drum FM for covering up the abuses and criminal and corrupt acts being committed by prison guards and staff at Drumheller prison.

2. On the 29th of January 2018 I contacted them regarding my website and asked if they could report what was published. I further stated that I was also willing to go on the air on 99.5 Drum FM.

3. I was put through to Bob Brown who stated he was their news manager. Brown went onto this site whilst we were talking and he stated that he recognized some of the individuals named on my site and knew them. He also knew and was friends with some of the individuals we spoke about, that have not yet been named but alluded to. Brown also stated that he was aware of the contents of what I had published, but that before they could run with this, he would have to contact some people and get back to me. It was a lengthy conversation 37 minutes in total.

4. The next day I spoke with Bob Brown again, who informed me that he had contacted their Head Office at GoldenWest Radio (in Winnipeg) and had been told by their lawyers that they could not report or run with this. Brown stated the lawyers were afraid they would be sued for defamation and dragged through the courts. Brown then stated that was that and there was nothing more he could do about it.

5. When I pressed Brown and asked for the contact information and name(s) of the lawyers he had spoken to, He broke down. Brown admitted that what he had just told me was all lies, that he hadn’t spoken to any lawyers, that he hadn’t spoken to anyone. He started saying sorry over and over again for trying to cover it up, then went into a rant about having to live in Drumheller with those that worked at the prison. This conversation lasted 17 minutes.

6. I was so upset at being outright lied to that I contacted GoldenWest Radio Head Office, they stated they would forward my serious concerns and someone would get back to me. I was then contacted via e-mail and phone by Dennis Harder the Station Manager for Bob Brown.

7. In our phone conversation and then his further e-mail to me, Harder admitted that he had spoken to Brown, that Brown had admitted that he outright lied to me, and that Brown had tried to do a cover up. Harder stated what Brown did was unacceptable, that it was unacceptable for anyone at his station to be dishonest. That he had spoken with his staff and he’ll make sure it won’t happen again.


8. On the 17th February 2018 Anatoly Eichman an inmate at Drumheller prison died in custody. Anatoly’s father Gunther, said his son had talked about issues at the prison, but never opened up about exactly what problems he faced because he was worried the guards — who listen in on inmate phone calls — would overhear. “It was a really bad place. He would say ‘I can’t tell you what’s going on here,’ but he did tell us it wasn’t a safe place, there was lots of stuff going on that he couldn’t talk about, that he wanted to talk about at sometime when they weren’t listening,” he said. “It’s very difficult. Instead of being a three year sentence, it ended up being a death sentence,” he said.

9. Three days after that on the 20th February 2018 Brandon Mirva a second inmate at Drumheller prison also died. Mirva died whilst Drumheller prison was under an exceptional lockdown after the death of Anotoly Eichman on the 17th. Both deaths are under investigation by guess who.

10. It is bad enough that the authorities cover up what is going on in that prison, but when the cover ups extend into the local media, then something is terribly terribly wrong. If DrumhellerOnline.com had run with this on the 29th January instead of doing another cover up, then those 2 young men might still be alive today.

Much more to follow: johnkelly475@yahoo.ca